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Welcome to San Diego Therapy Group, where we focus on helping each client unlock their potential, build resilience and create change. Our therapeutic services are designed to help clients explore and develop their strengths, while learning techniques to manage life’s challenges. Using evidence-based practices, our team of experts is dedicated to helping clients interact and connect more effectively with others. If you’re ready to take the first step towards positive change, contact us today.


Below are some of our specializations but please contact us to inquire about others

Anxiety Disorders


Autism Spectrum Disorders

Behavioral Challenges


Emotional Dysregulation

Executive Functioning


We can help:

  • Increase emotional regulation skills

  • Improve problem-solving skills

  • Build resiliency

  • Decrease anxiety and/or depressive symptoms

  • Create healthy relationships

  • Strengthen executive functions

  • And much more!

We can help:

  • Strengthen peer relationships

  • Improve the ability to understand others' perspective

  • Increase social confidence

  • Decrease feelings of self-doubt

  • Improve social communication skills

  • Manage anxiety

  • Develop self regulation

  • And much more!

We can help:

  • Connect with your child

  • Improve communication with your child

  • Set clear boundaries

  • Learn positive behavior interventions and strategies

  • Decrease feelings of self-doubt

  • Teach you how to best support your child in meeting their personal and therapeutic goals

  • And much more!

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