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Established in 2016, San Diego Therapy Group offers a friendly, client-focused approach to help our clients achieve their goals. When working with parents, we collaborate to create treatment areas, monitor progress, and generalize skills.  Together we can support you and your loved one manage feelings, overcome obstacles, and work towards a better life. 

Our individual therapy sessions are personalized to meet your specific needs. We work together as a team to create change and achieve your goals. Our therapists have the experience and training to help you overcome challenges and build the skills necessary to thrive.  You and your therapists will discuss the frequency of your therapy sessions as well as homework or practice to reinforce your progress.

Group therapy sessions are designed to provide you with a supportive environment where you can share your experiences and insights with others who are going through similar challenges. Our experienced therapists will guide you through the process and help you develop the skills and tools you need to achieve your goals.

Parent consultation services can be conducted either in tandem with other services or as a stand-alone service. We will gather information about the areas that you would like to address and develop a treatment plan around them. Parent consultation services can either be short-term or long-term in nature and vary in terms of frequency of sessions.

Dr. Guzman also offers Supportive Parenting for Anxious Childhood Emotions (SPACE), which is a parent-based treatment program for children and adolescents with anxiety, OCD, and related problems. 

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