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Hi, I'm Melissa Pinn!

Treatment areas include:

•    Anxiety

•    Autism spectrum disorders (ASD)      

•    Social (pragmatic) communication skills 

•    Depression

 •   Behavior Challenges

​•    Self Esteem 

•    Executive functioning skills  

•    Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

•    Adjustment disorders  

My Story

I have had the privilege of working as a therapist for over 19 years in settings ranging from schools, non-profits, and private practice.  I have advanced training in Cognitive Behavior Therapy, executive functioning training, mindfulness practices, Social Thinking frameworks, interpersonal neurobiology and  ACT. I believe people do best when they feel heard and have supportive people in their lives. I really love helping parents better understand and connect with their children in order to strengthen their relationships.

I take a collaborative, compassionate, strength based approach to help my clients launch a successful future- whatever that may mean for them. I love my work and am honored to share, play, learn, and grow with my clients.

I received my undergraduate degree from University of Wisconsin-Madison and my Masters degree in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy from Notre Dame De Namur University.

I am an outdoor adventurer and travel lover and a imperfect mom of 2 imperfect, loving children!

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